Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blogging Thucydides

I'm going to blog about Thucydides. I have three reasons. The first is that Thucydides demands a slow read, piece by piece. The blog format lends itself to that approach. As much as I'd like to just power through The Peloponnesian War, doing so would provide a "notch in the old bookshelf" at the expense of, say, strategic and philosophic insight.

The second is that on a blog, one can include as many maps as one likes. Even The Landmark Thucydides can't have a map illustrating the movements of each force in detail on every page. At the end of this process, I'll have maps galore, perhaps some of my own making.

Why do any of this publicly? That's reason three. I don't really expect this to gain any traction or be of much help to anyone, but I do believe that abandoning things halfway through is more embarrassing in public than it is in private. So the blog is an insurance policy. 


I'll be reading my Norton Critical Edition, with a copy of The Landmark Thucydides close by. Once the text is completed, I hope to type up some thoughts on the various essays and appendices included in these additions.

Any lengthy sections will probably be from Richard Crawley's translation.

Other books/thinkers/points of view I hope to discuss:

Probably some other stuff too. 

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