Thursday, October 16, 2014


The Breaking Bad pilot script is worth coming back to again and again. That teaser, with Walt in his underwear? How well it evokes suburban sprawl? Beautiful. This time, though, I was struck by the way Vince Gilligan uses sound effects. It's a great tool to keep in the bag, so here are a few examples:

1. ". . .ZOOOM! WHEELS plow right through the shit with a SPLAT."

2.  "...Walt's finger stick to the surface. They pull loose with a slow, gluey SLURP."

3. "...a blood pressure cuff gets pumped with a WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH;"

3. "SQUEAK-SQUEAK, SQUEAK-SQUEAK. Walt thumps up and down on his cheapie stair-stepper."

That's just from the first two acts. It's written with glee. It's not self-serious. It sounds like a guy describing something to a buddy at a bar--not dressed up for the written word. I guess what I'm taking away from this is: don't be afraid to throw down a good old fashioned SPLAT. It's suburban calligraphy.

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