Sunday, October 26, 2014

Interview with Damien Chazelle, Director of "Whiplash"

From my recent interview:

GITS: Now before you wrote the first draft, when and how did you first start prepping the story?

DC: I remember I got the initial idea, and then a few weeks later I was sitting in a movie theater. A movie was playing that—I won’t name which one—but I was utterly bored out of my mind. I decided I didn’t want to pay attention about fifteen minutes in, but I didn’t walk out because I was with somebody. Also I hate walking out of movies, I tend not to do it.

So I just decided to use it as thinking time. I started thinking through the structure and the story, and I beat out the basic plot beats during the hour and a half of that movie. Then I started writing. So the whole thing was pretty organic, compared to other scripts I’ve written that required a Herculean effort. This was from the gut.

GITS: Ten days is pretty incredible.

DC: Well, don’t get me wrong. If you could have seen that first draft—it read like a ten day draft.

Read the rest at Go Into The Story, a great blog hosted by the incredible Scott Myers. 

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