Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Leftovers 1.1

Here are some thoughts on the premiere of The Leftovers. 

1. The music was good. The recurring piano theme promises a peace that events don't deliver. 

2. There are several tropes stretched to cliche. For example, the angry cop with a fraught relationship with his teenage daughter is the trope. Him sitting at the dinner table asking her grumpily how her day went and her grunting back is the cliche. 

The sarcastic congressional hearing played for exposition and the high school party with the debauchery of a late Roman orgy are two more examples. 

3. There is an air of forboding here that I like. The jarring, jump-inducing flashbacks and the dire warnings from the suave English cult leader hint that things could get crazy. 

Whether the coming apocalypse is of divine or human make, we'll have to see. 

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