Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Move over, Buzzfeed

The personality "quiz" has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. When I was around ten or twelve, I bought a book of them from Barnes and Noble. Shortly after testing positive for absent-mindedness, I misplaced the book.

Luckily the internet is crawling with quizzes. Buzzfeed is the most voluminous dealer, but the majority of their (mostly user-submitted) quizzes are rubbish. They fail to fill that quiz-shaped void that exists in every human heart.

Which is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Uquiz portfolio of one "Hauptwerk" (named for an old style of pipe organ). I first saw "Which Early Christian Heresy Are You?" shared on social media. Enjoying the obvious wit of the writer, I looked for more. But since Uquiz does not have public user profile pages, this took some googling.

Please enjoy all the quizzes I could find, and let me know if you learn anything more about the user. 

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