Monday, May 19, 2014


Well, things have been busy recently.

The Criticwire survey debate begat an Atlantic pitch which begat an article which begat a...response from Derek Thompson and a Huffington Post Live debate with Matt Zoller Seitz?!

This is madness.

I also got to review Godzilla for CT, which was fun. I didn't quite have all the words for it, but critic David Ehrlich adds some good ones here.

In a season of firsts, the Godzilla review stands out for its comments section, in which I have been denounced as a liberal for the first time in my life. The comment was sadly deleted, but someone captured it first:

"'...less malicious than a birther'? Really, Timothy Wainwright? Why does Christianity Today allow liberals like Timothy Wainwright to be writers for what should be a conservative Christian magazine. I can get liberalism from any worldly news publication. I don't need it here."


I'm working on a longer addendum to the superhero movies debate which I'll post here soon. I also plan to follow through on the Carroll notes.

But for now, I'll just share the spirit I'm trying to stick to for the moment, from Mike D'Angelo in a comment on Seitz's "Advice to Young Critics"

"I second Craig's #12. A couple of the sites for which I regularly write have a strict ban on use of the first person in reviews, and while I understand why they prefer that, never saying "I" makes it difficult if not impossible to confess ignorance about certain things, and that makes me feel dishonest. (And no, I don't always have time to correct that ignorance, if for example it means reading a dozen lengthy novels and the piece is due tomorrow.) Likewise uncertainty. I tend not to trust critics who never question themselves."

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