Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rashida Jones and Nick Frost Interview

I was incredibly, incredibly lucky to get this interview. It's a bizarre experience: take four minutes to meet people whose work you've adored for years, ask them anything you want, and then say goodbye forever.

Ask anything, sure, but recognize that it might end up like this.

Of course, maybe that's what I should have gone with. I overheard that someone else in the press junkett was going to ask them to make kissy faces or something. Cause PAGEVIEWS! Ah, the state of classical scholarship these days...


While these two people are both lovely, the movie was sadly less so. I was initially very disappointed...perfect opportunity for one of those snarky hit pieces that are so fun to write but help so little. On further reflection, though, there was more going on than that. Review here.

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